When it comes to musical performance in the truly digital age, what now is the definition of a ‘live’ show?

With Dance music it’s always been an interesting question given technology’s role in the creation, recording and distribution of the genre, but now more than

ever a full spectrum of real-time presentation can be found in almost any city on any given night. From DJs armed with a world of music on USB and laptop

wizards reworking their own productions on the fly, to outfits boasting banks of hardware, live instrumentation, guests musicians and visual trickery, new

rules for engaging with audiences in a live setting are being written.

With global attention on the local scene at an all time high Jack Daniel’s #JDFutureLegends series partnered with Sydney’s Electronic Music Conference (EMC)

to dig a little deeper into life as a touring artist across Australia’s digital dance-floors, asking what’s now, what’s new and what’s next for a hotbed of

talent looking to deliver something fresh onstage in whatever form works for them and their crowd.

Directed by Pilerats’ Tay Kaka and featuring thoughts, vibes and music from Crooked Colours, Ribongia, Indian Summer, Kilter, Cosmo’s Midnight, Young Franco,

Benson, Luke Million, Frames and Roleo, welcome to A Day In The Live…

EXPLORE:MORE:MUSIC: Ribongia ‘Save The Children’ live @ EMC Play 2014 for #JDFutureLegends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9kJ2JHcb5