Paradise Through Jarrad’s Lens

The Indigenous people of Tropical North Queensland share a deep, spiritual connection with the land, a relationship that has transcended generations and time.

Directed by Jarrad Seng:

Production: Jarrad Seng & Alice Ross
Cinematography: Peter Cheng & Scott Sinton
Sound Design & Music: Michael Tan
Editing: Jarrad Seng & Jason Eshraghian

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This is my Paradise – Nikki Rumney

Growing up, Nikki Rumney’s playground and classroom was the Great Barrier Reef. Her father John Rumney gave Nikki and her siblings an absolutely amazing upbringing with the ocean, teaching them all he could about dwarf minke whales and other marine life.

Learning to free dive meant that Nikki could spend minutes exploring coral and marine habitats. Dip beneath the surface with Nikki and find out why for her, the reef truly is paradise.

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Pascal’s 1 Day in Paradise. Justin McMillan.


Justin tells the story of Pascal, a boy who absolutely loves the water and grew up on a boat in Tropical North Queensland, as he revisits the Great Barrier Reef.