Once upon a time, the Riversleigh area of Outback Queensland was a rich rainforest area. Approximately 25 million years the land was in transition from rainforest to dry grasslands. The fossils found in the Riversleigh world heritage sites are unique because they are preserved in 3D due to the makeup of the freshwater limestone in which they have been found. The Riversleigh fossil deposits are among the richest and most extensive in the world, with some fossils dating back 15 to 25 million years. A few interesting facts about Riversleigh:

• The sites include the first records of many groups of living mammals including the ‘marsupial lion’
• The fossils span a record of mammal evolution of at least 20 million years in length.
• The variety of deposits at Riversleigh has led to an understanding of how the environment has changed over time and how the animals that lived here have changed too.

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