‘Your time in the sun’ refers to the idyllic time in life when you are young, ambitious, meeting new people, experiencing new things, and enjoying life to the fullest. It’s a time when you are full of hopes and dreams for your future.

It’s also a time when you are at high risk of overexposure to UV Radiation from the sun. Every time you’re exposed to UV, it damages your skin’s DNA. If it’s damaged too much that’s how melanoma begins.

Melanoma is one of the most serious types of skin cancer. At just 1mm deep it can get into your bloodstream and spread easily to other parts of the body. So, even if you have a melanoma cut out, it may be too late to avoid secondary cancers in your bones, your lungs, your heart, or your head.

If you don’t protect your skin from UV, your time in the sun could be cut short, before you have a chance to be everything you hope to be.

Protect your skin.

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