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The scent of summer is in the air and what better chariot for exploring our own far reaching backyard than a vintage caravan named Vonnie! And, who better to team up with to transform a vintage belle than, self-confessed, caravan geeks, the Block’s alumni, Michael and Carlene!

Vonnie had good bones but was in need of A LOT of work. With laminate cupboards and kitchen tops straight from the 60’s & an exterior of the verge of rusting…this called for a complete renovation with the addition of some new furniture to bring the old gal back to life.

Luckily, our speciality paints were on hand to help…

A spray of paint goes a long way for this vintage belle!

From fresh, spicy flavours to quirky and delicious desserts, join food blogger Miss May and her Instagram husband Leon, as they explore some of Haymarket’s top spots for a ‘date night’ with a difference.

Travel is not just about the sights that you see, but so much more… ↓ INSTAGRAM ↓ @THELOVEASSEMBLY

Dreaming up three short films for our latest collaboration with Cathay Pacific Airways to encapsulate the unique scents of Hong Kong, and be transported right back to these special corners of the city.

Instead of travelling behind the lens as a photographer, I discovered a new way of capturing these memories through the sense of smell: the number one sense closest linked to memory.

🏮 First up: The earthy scent of Hong Kong temples. 🇭🇰


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An ode to the Greatest Meat on Earth.

Parfums de Voyage – Hong Kong is a fragrance inspired by the unique scentscape of Hong Kong. Join Fragrance Specialist, Samantha Taylor, as she explores the thriving metropolis of Hong Kong, distilling its scentscape into a selection of fragrance notes – the fresh clean top note inspired by the greenery of the island, drying down to a warm, peppery base note that’s evocative of exotic spices and smoky incense.

I know just the place: Peter Meyer, Fraser Island

Do you know a place where you can immerse yourself in World Heritage wilderness on the largest sand island in the world? A place where you can explore the planet’s oldest sand dunes and sink your toes into the silica sand of a 75-mile beach? Welcome to Fraser Island.

Just north of the Sunshine Coast, Fraser Island is a 30-minute ferry ride from Hervey Bay. Let your guide from Kingfisher Bay Resort be your interpreter as you uncover ancient rainforests, dive into fresh water lakes and indulge in the natural beauty of this magnificent island.

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I know just the place: Vivienne Golding, Noosa Everglades

Come take a paddle around the pristine waterways of one of Queensland’s best-kept secrets, the Noosa Everglades. One of only two everglades in the world, this wetland wilderness is a million miles away from what you know of the Sunshine Coast. And local guide, Vivienne Golding, can’t wait to show it to you.

Explore the Noosa Everglades with Kanu Kapers:

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I know just the place: Cathy Gatley, Mon Repos Conservation Park, Bundaberg

Bundaberg is just the place between November and March to witness a miracle that takes place nightly on the shores of Mon Repos beach. It is the place where over 50% of the entire concentration of nesting Loggerhead turtles in the Southern Hemisphere comes to lay their eggs. These mumma turtles were born here as long as 80 years ago, hatched from a nest with roughly 100 siblings and made a scramble for the ocean. They survived the 1 in 1000 odds of surviving to maturity and now they use the Earth’s magnetic field as an internal GPS to find their way back home and repeat the cycle.

Visit the turtles in Bundaberg on the Southern Great Barrier Reef:

Ranger guided encounters operate seven nights a week from 7pm from November to late March
*Nesting Turtles can be viewed after dark from Nov to Jan.
*Turtle hatchlings can be viewed at night from Jan to March.

I know just the place: Matt Burns, Quandamooka Man, North Stradbroke Island

We know a place where you can learn about the indigenous culture of one of the largest sand islands in the world .

The majority of the Aboriginal people on the island are descendants from three tribal groups known as Quandamooka that inhabited Moreton Bay.

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Sydney’s gateway, Circular Quay opens the door to a host of culinary treats any day and night of the week. Join chef and food stylist Vikki leigh to explore some top Sydney offerings. From $1 Oysters and gourmet desserts to refreshing beers and delicious burgers, Circular Quay’s got something special 7 days a week.